Maple syrup and mustard Brussels sprouts



An absolutely delightful new flavor for an old standby.  In this recipe Dorie adds the lovely mix of maple syrup and mustard to finish off these delicious  Brussels sprouts.

I’ve  been cooking sprouts with sautéed onions and bacon for many years and it has always been a favorite in our house but I think this new recipe may be taking its place on the Thanksgiving table this year.

I decided to cut the recipe in half since I was cooking for only one this time,  just the perfect amount so that I will not be eating it for days.

I steamed a half pound of sprouts with the slivered garlic and shallot, and then cooked them in the bacon and oil to get that  nice browned coloring.  Actually, I think the color on mine might be a little too well done.   Adding the mustard and maple  syrup mixture really brought everything together.  Topped off with the chopped bacon pieces, it was perfect.