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Pasta with Shrimp

Pasta with shrimp, zucchini, lemon and herbs makes for an interesting recipe.

I chose tri-color rotini  pasta to go with the shrimp just to brighten up the dish and then added thinly sliced and quartered  green and yellow zucchini.

After zesting the lemons and saving the juice,   I tossed the remains of the lemons in the pasta water to boil.  I personally did not think it was necessary as  there was so much lemon flavoring to be added later.  However, that is just my opinion.

After cooking the shrimp and the zucchini,  I set them aside while the pasta was cooking.  Reserving some of the pasta water, I drained it and added it back into the fry pan along with the rest of the oil, butter and the reserved water. I then returned the shrimp and veggies combining all.  Added a bit of salt and pepper plus cayenne and let it all cook for a minute or two.  Finally, the tomatoes were added and topped with herbs and tossed.

The end result was pretty impressive to look at and also quite tasty.fullsizeoutput_1347IMG_4300

Apple Custard Crisp

Dorie gives us two alternative ways to prepare the streusel.   The first is a simple mix of flour, sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon plus cold butter and vanilla.    To make the more traditional streusel you add rolled oats  to basically the same ingredients, but the portions vary.

Since I still had some rolled oats leftover after making our Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies I decided to go with that version and was so pleased that I did.  The streusel was not as sweet and complimented the apple crisp.

After filling the pie plate with apples I whisked together the cream with the brown sugar, spices and eggs to blend and added vanilla.  I then poured the mix over the apples and covered it with the streusel.  There was quite a bit of streusel so I decided to use it all and cover dish completely and I was not sorry at all, it was delicious.


After scooping out the crisp into a serving dish I added vanilla ice cream on top and it was so good together.


Such a delicious dessert,  and at this time of the year when we have an abundance of  apples everywhere, it’s the perfect time to prepare this recipe.

Lightning Fast Tahini Pork

This is such a delicious and simple meal that is so enjoyable, and once you have all the ingredients prepped,  it comes together quickly.

Rather than using harissa,  I substituted Chile powder and added the ginger, cumin, and turmeric into a large bowl  and coated the meat thoroughly.

I browned the pieces on all sides in the frying pan and then added the honey to coat and then deglazed the pan with the vinegar and water.

After adding the tahini mixture I  let it cook until the pork was completely done.

Additional sesame seeds and fresh cilantro were added to finish the dish.

I served cooked spinach as a side, following the photo from Dorie, and it was perfect.

This is another wonderful way to cook a simple pork tenderloin, but with fantastic results.

A perfect dinner that will be repeated.IMG_3683

Miso-Glazed Salmon


This week’s recipe for Mizo-glazed salmon was delicious, plus the fact that is so easy to prepare and cooks quickly.    The marinade, which consists of miso, honey, lemon juice and soy sauce was a nice change, one that I really enjoyed.

Since I am only cooking for (1 ) now most days,   when I purchase salmon at Costco  I  cut it into individual pieces  and freeze each piece separately,  that way I can quickly defrost just one  piece for dinner without leftovers.

I made the marinade and let the salmon rest for an hour or so and then cooked it in a hot oven for 10 minutes.   I served it with a side of coleslaw and the combination was just perfect for me.




Chicken and salad Milanese style

I have been making chicken cutlets for years  and I had no idea that the technique was called Milanese style,   meaning breaded and sautéed.

It is a perfect recipe for  weeknight dinner  when you are on a busy schedule, so easy to prepare and it cooks up in minutes.  It is also a great and quick way to prepare chicken parm., with some added mozzarella cheese and spaghetti sauce.

Adding the salad greens on top of the chicken really gives  it a nice flavor along with the sliced lemon.    I used baby greens with chopped red pepper and celery.  I skipped the cucumber in the mix because it is not a favorite.

I’ve prepared this a few times before and it is always a winner.





Chewy Chocolate chip cookies

I could not decide if I wanted to make the complete recipe for these cookies or not.  However,  I decided to take Dorie’s advice and freeze some of the prepared dough. I know they will come in handy when friends drop by.

I liked the addition of the rolled oats since it gave a totally different flavor to a chocolate chip cookie.

When it came to adding the sugar I used the lesser amount of each because I knew it would be sweet enough with the chocolate.   I did use chocolate morsels rather than chopping up bars of chocolate, since that was on hand.

After mixing the batter together I chilled it in the refrigerator for a while and when I was ready to bake the cookies I could not budge the dough.  It was so solid!     I finally left it out for awhile and eventually was able to get some scooped up to look like a cookie.   It did work out well because it melted perfectly in the oven and did not spread too much.

I made the rest of the dough into balls and flash  froze them on a cookie sheet and then put them in a plastic bag for the future.

I am giving this recipe a thumbs up for their delicious taste.fullsizeoutput_12ba


Tomato and Peach panzanella

I’m really happy that this recipe was chosen for this week since all the fruits and vegetables are at their peak for deliciousness.

There are many variations of panzanella around, some people add mozzarella cheese, others use various fruits, etc.   However,  I think the original idea of using  leftover bread and tomatoes was a perfect way to not waste food.

I used a loaf of ciabatta bread that was toasted in the oven with a sprinkle  of garlic powder,  salt and pepper and then  tossed it in the oil.

Two perfectly ripe nectarines were used for this dish and then I added the tomatoes and  the bread.   Sprinkled lemon zest over everything and added the lemon juice to the bowl.  I then added the onion, with the salt and let is rest.  Finally  the oil and vinegar  go into the mix and it is  seasoned with additional  salt and pepper.  Give it a stir and let it rest for a bit so that all the flavors blend together.

Fresh basil is added for decoration and extra flavor.

A perfect summer treat that goes well with any type of meat or fish.

I will certainly make this again before the season ends so I can enjoy all the delicious farm fresh fruits and vegetables.



Fresh-off the cob corn chowder

This was a perfect recipe for August since the fresh corn is plentiful right now and it also gave us a chance to go to the farm stand.  The corn there is picked  a few times during the day so you know it is definitely fresh.  I also picked up some delicious tomatoes to make a tomato sandwich with mayo,  salt and pepper.  Nothing like it.


For this recipe I prepped  all the vegetables and divided  them for the soup and cooked the first batch of veggies until soft, then added the herbs with the cobs and water.  The potatoes were added and cooked until soft and removing half  to be added in later. The cobs were discarded, but they certainly give a lot of flavor to the soup.

I sautéed the balance of the cut up vegetables,  and cooked the bacon until crisp.

Using an immersion blender, I tried to make the soup as smooth as possible before adding in the rest of the vegetables and the crisp bacon.

Surprisingly, even though it is summertime,  this was a light and delicious soup that is so perfect for this time of the year.


Poulet à la moutarde aka chicken w/ mustard

The final recipe for “My Paris Kitchen”.

Using only chicken thighs, which I think are the best and most delicious part of a chicken, I prepared this with no exceptions.

After coating the chicken pieces in mustard, I browned them on both sides and added the white wine to scrape up the browned bits adding  to the flavor.  Returning  the cooked bacon and onions to the pan really enhances the whole dish.  As far as I am concerned, this is the point where you could stop and hold the dish while you prepare the rest of dinner and then add the creme and mustard sauce to finish the dish.

I served this  with David’s lentil and goat cheese salad which is served warm or at room temperature.  I also added a mixed green salad which complimented both the chicken and lentil dishes.


While I was checking out my posts I realized that I had failed to make two recipes to complete the entire book.

So I put them both to good use when the family came to dinner.

IMG_3676The first recipe is the Artichoke tapenade with rosemary oil.  Both were so easy to prepare and turned into big winners all around.

The second recipe was the Lemon-pistachio Israeli couscous.  I didn’t think I would care for this particular recipe, but it turned out so well and everything blended perfectly. Another winner with the family.


Tarte Tropézienne


In 1995, when Jim and I had recently  retired,  we booked  a trip to the French Riviera.  I remember seeing the Tarte Tropézienne there, but I had never  tasted one.

As I looked back over some of the photos from that trip, I came across this one of a typical French patisserie.   There in all its glory is the famous dessert.   I’m not sure if this is actually St. Tropez because we visited many of the coastal towns along the way.   I will say though  that we must have just eaten lunch or we certainly would have tried one of these delights.

Scan 41

Preparing this dessert was a bit time consuming since the dough had to rise three different times,  then,  making the various creams, syrups and glazes.  But it was all worth it in the end.

When the family came for dinner last week to try Dorie’s shrimp tacos, I thought this was a perfect time to make this dessert, (lots of taste testers)  and although we stuffed ourselves with the tacos, we found room for dessert.    So delicious.fullsizeoutput_10fa