Monthly Archives: May 2020

Cauliflower tabbouleh

This is the last week for selecting our own recipe for  “cookthebookfridays” . Starting in June we will be going back to working together on a chosen recipe.

After grating the cauliflower and mixing it with the chickpeas, chopped almonds,  herbs and raisins,  I added the mint and parsley to it along with the lemon zest and juices, then I added the oil.  I thought it was a little dry so I  added additional  lemon and oil.

This is the second recipe we have made for tabbouleh, the first being from “My Paris Kitchen”, and sorry to say I didn’t care for that either.   However, we all have our likes and dislikes, and I’m sure many people enjoyed this recipe.

It is very colorful and makes a lovely presentation on the table.



Ricotta Spoonable

This week for CookthebookFriday we are choosing  our recipe depending on the supply of ingredients we can work with.   Since I had some ricotta left from a previous recipe I decided to try Dorie’s Ricotta Spoonable recipe.   The first time that I saw this recipe  I was so curious and could not wait to try it.  it is a simple recipe but it turned out so delicious.

The lemon zest grated on top of the ricotta gives it that little bit more zing.  The scallions and shallots are just what this needs for some bite,  using parsley as the additional herb.

It reminds me of Tzatziki sauce and is great with cut up veggies or chips.