Ponzu Chicken

This week’s recipe was a team effort for Tricia and I since we are still together in isolation.

Instead of using chicken breasts we decided to use chicken thighs from the freezer.  I made the marinade using ponzu sauce, white vinegar that I had on hand rather than the rice vinegar, and also substituted the Gochujang Chile paste for Thai red curry paste that Dorie recommended.

After marinating the chicken thighs for about two hours we cooked them according to the cooking times that Dorie stated for chicken  breasts, but I should have realized the two do not cook the same way.  The thighs were undercooked so we gave them some time in the microwave to finish,   After removing the chicken we added the marinade to the pan and boiled it for 2 minutes and then poured it over the chicken.

Unfortunately, this was not a favorite, but I’m sure had we used the chicken breasts the end results would have certainly been more delicious.


In addition to the Ponzu chicken we made a sheet pan supper with the various vegetables in the refrigerator, adding some dried rosemary and other spices.  Such an easy way to cook veggies and they turn out so delicious.




7 thoughts on “Ponzu Chicken

  1. Sorry this one was not a success for you. I have yet to buy all those sauces so I don’t think I will be making this one any time soon. Roasting vegetables are the best, so tasty.


  2. Didn’t someone make this last time and loved it? I was going to try it – finding the Ponzu Sauce is no problem but the Thai red curry paste is not working for me. I don’t think the Gochujang Chile paste will be easy to find either. I need to stick to recipes that are basic right now! I made the Tamale Pie this week – will post it next week – it was delicious. Liked the idea of roasting those veggies. I’m hoping they made up for the disappointment with the chicken. Stay safe.


  3. Even though we weren’t in the mood for the chicken (esp with the thighs) we will definitely try this recipe again AND it was great fun to collaborate on regardless. Of course those roasted veggies were a sleeper hit and are now going to be in heavy rotation lol – SO YUMMY !


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