Pimento Cheese

Perfect for brunch!

Unfortunately when I was shopping I  bought an 8 ounce piece of mild cheddar, and then while reading the recipe I realized it should have been either sharp or extra sharp cheese.   I decided to go ahead and adjust the rest of the ingredients accordingly.

All  blended well in the food processor, and when I tasted a bit of the results, I really thought it was too bland, but overnight  the cayenne pepper kicked in and the next day it was perfect.

I chilled it for two days and then served it with crackers as an appetizer before dinner.


It was so easy to make and has such a fresh delicious taste compared to the packaged cheeses in the supermarket.

Another great treat from Dorie’s newest book “EveryDay Dorie, The Way I cook”.

9 thoughts on “Pimento Cheese

  1. So glad that even in the pandemic (or especially amidst it ??) you are still creating delicious treats and feeding me oh so well. Post pandemic diet, here I come….


  2. After seeing your Post, it is going to be hard to wait until it’s a recipe choice for our group. So maybe I just won’t that and make it early. You made me curious to try it. I already have the ingredients on hand (meaning I will not have to go to the grocery store again) and Triscuits are a absolute must in my pantry. You two stay safe.


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