Ginger Fried Rice

One of the things I love about cooking through Dorie’s cookbooks is that you experience many new and unfamiliar ingredients.   This week’s recipe of ginger fried rice is a perfect example, using ponzu sauce and gochujang.  Mixing these two ingredients with a little honey into a sauce and adding it to the cooked vegetables  gives it such a delicious finish to the recipe.


I used a mixture of vegetables, (baby bok choy, thinly sliced carrots, and  a combination of small baby greens)  adding half the vegetables to a hot pan and charring them for color and flavor.  Using leftover cooked rice, you add that to the vegetables and stir until the rice is hot, then the  rest of the vegetables are added.   At this point the ponzu sauce is added and any add-ins that you plan to use, such as cooked chicken, shrimp, pork, etc.  Since I had some cooked shrimp, I added that to the mix and let it all cook until hot.


This was an absolutely delightful and delicious recipe with a new twist on fried rice and I will definitely be preparing this recipe again.

7 thoughts on “Ginger Fried Rice

  1. The name of your Gochujang sauce is hilarious ! Wasn’t this a fun new dish ? You know how much I enjoy fried rice and now I am delighted to have such a fast and delish dish to make at home. I also used shrimp – we have a lot on hand as it’s Lent. I’m also catching up on last posts’s sheet pan supper. Yours looks delish and I loved the memory from that sheet pan supper book demo we attended- such fun ! I have to find that cookbook and get it back into rotation.


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