Chickpea-tahini Salad

Chickpeas are a delicious legume that can be served in many different ways.

Of course, hummus is one of my favorite ways of enjoying them, but, also, I sometimes just heat a little olive oil, add some garlic powder and crushed red pepper and toss in a can of drained chickpeas until warm.  It makes a nice side dish for just about anything.

They can also be roasted with any type of flavoring that you desire, and then used as a snack.  Very delicious and really pretty healthy.

This week’s recipe from ” Everyday Dorie”  has a totally different take on chickpeas, mainly making a salad with additional veggies, such as chopped red pepper and red onion,  but the key ingredient is the Tahini dressing, which is so good.  (And I mean good). Checking our website for “Cookthebookfridays”  I noticed a few suggestions for using the dressing on tuna fish and other items, and I can definitely see doing that.

I prepared the dressing in the morning and finally put the whole recipe together by the afternoon.  I could not believe how delicious this turned out.

I followed the directions for the whole recipe, however, I only used two cans of chickpeas (about four cups)  and it worked perfectly.

This is a great recipe  for summer barbecues or anytime actually, and as Dorie said it is better the next day.  I am looking forward to trying this tomorrow when it has had a chance to chill and blend.

Definitely will be added to my  recipe file.fullsizeoutput_1380


8 thoughts on “Chickpea-tahini Salad

  1. This was so delicious- both the one I made at home and the yours that you generously had us test. I will always remember this recipe based on our reaction standing at your island with the spoons….and continuing to dig in as we declared it delicious ! It was more than a taste test lol !!


  2. Well, you make this salad sound as if it’s one of the first makeup recipes I need to do when I get back to Colorado. A can or two of chickpeas are always in my pantry but I could utilize these nutritious little babies in a variety of ways which I don’t do. And the Tahini dressing. Can’t wait to try.


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