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Sheet-pan supper: Balsamic chicken +

A few years ago Tricia invited me to go to a cooking demonstration that was featuring sheet pan cooking ideas from a new book by Molly Gilbert, called “Sheet Pan Suppers”.

I had never participated in a hands on cooking demo and was a bit leery, but not to worry, everyone else felt the same way and we had a great time with many laughs along the way.

Which brings me to this week’s recipe of Balsamic chicken with baby potatoes and white mushrooms from “Everyday Dorie, The Way I Cook”.

After a quick coating of the vegetables with a mixture of oil and balsamic vinegar with some fresh rosemary and thyme thrown in,  the veggies are spread out on the sheet pan.   The chicken is added to the same marinade and coated,  then tucked in and around the vegetables.

Rather than using the drumsticks as Dorie mentions in the recipe,  I settled for chicken thighs.  I used multi-colored tiny potatoes, (very strange looking to me, especially the purple), but it all turned out well.

The whole meal took not more than 1 hour and 20 minutes from start to finish,  with an additional  green salad as a side and was really a very delicious dinner.




Chickpea-tahini Salad

Chickpeas are a delicious legume that can be served in many different ways.

Of course, hummus is one of my favorite ways of enjoying them, but, also, I sometimes just heat a little olive oil, add some garlic powder and crushed red pepper and toss in a can of drained chickpeas until warm.  It makes a nice side dish for just about anything.

They can also be roasted with any type of flavoring that you desire, and then used as a snack.  Very delicious and really pretty healthy.

This week’s recipe from ” Everyday Dorie”  has a totally different take on chickpeas, mainly making a salad with additional veggies, such as chopped red pepper and red onion,  but the key ingredient is the Tahini dressing, which is so good.  (And I mean good). Checking our website for “Cookthebookfridays”  I noticed a few suggestions for using the dressing on tuna fish and other items, and I can definitely see doing that.

I prepared the dressing in the morning and finally put the whole recipe together by the afternoon.  I could not believe how delicious this turned out.

I followed the directions for the whole recipe, however, I only used two cans of chickpeas (about four cups)  and it worked perfectly.

This is a great recipe  for summer barbecues or anytime actually, and as Dorie said it is better the next day.  I am looking forward to trying this tomorrow when it has had a chance to chill and blend.

Definitely will be added to my  recipe file.fullsizeoutput_1380