Pasta with cabbage, winter squash and walnuts

I wasn’t too sure if I would like the combination of  these ingredients, but surprisingly,  they were really good together.

For the winter squash I chose a butternut squash,  something I really enjoy, and in place of cabbage, I went with kale instead.   Unfortunately I did not have dried cranberries but used a few dried cherries.

Since I was cooking for one I only prepared 1/4 of the recipe, and even that was quite a lot of food.  But, I love leftovers and this is perfect with a little pasta water that I saved to reheat it.

Many times  when I cook pasta,  (especially spaghetti, angel hair, linguine, etc.) I almost always have leftovers and I save some of the pasta water.  It’s  a perfect way to create a delicious leftover dish adding the veggies as in this recipe.


I added two make-up recipes from December.

First:       Gingered-turkey meatball soup.  Unfortunately, this recipe  did not work for me, but it was interesting.

Second:    Sweet and Smoky Roasted Carrots.   These were so good and I loved the yogurt sauce, great for dipping.fullsizeoutput_1356IMG_4311


7 thoughts on “Pasta with cabbage, winter squash and walnuts

  1. Thanks for the tip about saving the pasta water beyond what we saved for the recipe itself. That’s just common sense but I never thought of it before. Several of my readers have made this month’s first pasta recipe and told me how much they liked it. I suggested to each of them that they use the tricolor pasta because it makes such a prettier presentation. Another-Ro-Idea. I also loved, loved the carrots. I made 1/2 this pasta recipe and could not get it finished. Just too much. Is there such a thing as too many leftovers?


  2. I finally joined the group. Look forward to cooking with you all again. Sounds like kale was a popular substitution in this recipe. I was planning on making the turkey meatball soup this week. What didn’t you like about it?


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