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Apple Custard Crisp

Dorie gives us two alternative ways to prepare the streusel.   The first is a simple mix of flour, sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon plus cold butter and vanilla.    To make the more traditional streusel you add rolled oats  to basically the same ingredients, but the portions vary.

Since I still had some rolled oats leftover after making our Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies I decided to go with that version and was so pleased that I did.  The streusel was not as sweet and complimented the apple crisp.

After filling the pie plate with apples I whisked together the cream with the brown sugar, spices and eggs to blend and added vanilla.  I then poured the mix over the apples and covered it with the streusel.  There was quite a bit of streusel so I decided to use it all and cover dish completely and I was not sorry at all, it was delicious.


After scooping out the crisp into a serving dish I added vanilla ice cream on top and it was so good together.


Such a delicious dessert,  and at this time of the year when we have an abundance of  apples everywhere, it’s the perfect time to prepare this recipe.

Lightning Fast Tahini Pork

This is such a delicious and simple meal that is so enjoyable, and once you have all the ingredients prepped,  it comes together quickly.

Rather than using harissa,  I substituted Chile powder and added the ginger, cumin, and turmeric into a large bowl  and coated the meat thoroughly.

I browned the pieces on all sides in the frying pan and then added the honey to coat and then deglazed the pan with the vinegar and water.

After adding the tahini mixture I  let it cook until the pork was completely done.

Additional sesame seeds and fresh cilantro were added to finish the dish.

I served cooked spinach as a side, following the photo from Dorie, and it was perfect.

This is another wonderful way to cook a simple pork tenderloin, but with fantastic results.

A perfect dinner that will be repeated.IMG_3683