Chicken and salad Milanese style

I have been making chicken cutlets for years  and I had no idea that the technique was called Milanese style,   meaning breaded and sautéed.

It is a perfect recipe for  weeknight dinner  when you are on a busy schedule, so easy to prepare and it cooks up in minutes.  It is also a great and quick way to prepare chicken parm., with some added mozzarella cheese and spaghetti sauce.

Adding the salad greens on top of the chicken really gives  it a nice flavor along with the sliced lemon.    I used baby greens with chopped red pepper and celery.  I skipped the cucumber in the mix because it is not a favorite.

I’ve prepared this a few times before and it is always a winner.





6 thoughts on “Chicken and salad Milanese style

  1. I like that you used oval dishes to photograph your presentation, Ro. It looks so pretty and, well, soooooo oval! Have you thought about this being a good SOLO meal – prepping the cutlets and freezing individually to use as a quick meal? I’m still having trouble putting together hearty meals like this for just One. I’m not a freezer fan so I take my leftovers down to the front desk kids instead but that does limit my ability to pull out a ready-made meal every so often. I like cucumbers but might also add red instead of green pepper next time for color.


  2. And I have been enjoying your delicious chicken cutlets for years lol – regardless of what we call them !!! Such yummy and versatile comfort food. It was fun to do a tweak to a family standby this week !


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