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Chewy Chocolate chip cookies

I could not decide if I wanted to make the complete recipe for these cookies or not.  However,  I decided to take Dorie’s advice and freeze some of the prepared dough. I know they will come in handy when friends drop by.

I liked the addition of the rolled oats since it gave a totally different flavor to a chocolate chip cookie.

When it came to adding the sugar I used the lesser amount of each because I knew it would be sweet enough with the chocolate.   I did use chocolate morsels rather than chopping up bars of chocolate, since that was on hand.

After mixing the batter together I chilled it in the refrigerator for a while and when I was ready to bake the cookies I could not budge the dough.  It was so solid!     I finally left it out for awhile and eventually was able to get some scooped up to look like a cookie.   It did work out well because it melted perfectly in the oven and did not spread too much.

I made the rest of the dough into balls and flash  froze them on a cookie sheet and then put them in a plastic bag for the future.

I am giving this recipe a thumbs up for their delicious taste.fullsizeoutput_12ba


Tomato and Peach panzanella

I’m really happy that this recipe was chosen for this week since all the fruits and vegetables are at their peak for deliciousness.

There are many variations of panzanella around, some people add mozzarella cheese, others use various fruits, etc.   However,  I think the original idea of using  leftover bread and tomatoes was a perfect way to not waste food.

I used a loaf of ciabatta bread that was toasted in the oven with a sprinkle  of garlic powder,  salt and pepper and then  tossed it in the oil.

Two perfectly ripe nectarines were used for this dish and then I added the tomatoes and  the bread.   Sprinkled lemon zest over everything and added the lemon juice to the bowl.  I then added the onion, with the salt and let is rest.  Finally  the oil and vinegar  go into the mix and it is  seasoned with additional  salt and pepper.  Give it a stir and let it rest for a bit so that all the flavors blend together.

Fresh basil is added for decoration and extra flavor.

A perfect summer treat that goes well with any type of meat or fish.

I will certainly make this again before the season ends so I can enjoy all the delicious farm fresh fruits and vegetables.