Tarte Tropézienne


In 1995, when Jim and I had recently  retired,  we booked  a trip to the French Riviera.  I remember seeing the Tarte Tropézienne there, but I had never  tasted one.

As I looked back over some of the photos from that trip, I came across this one of a typical French patisserie.   There in all its glory is the famous dessert.   I’m not sure if this is actually St. Tropez because we visited many of the coastal towns along the way.   I will say though  that we must have just eaten lunch or we certainly would have tried one of these delights.

Scan 41

Preparing this dessert was a bit time consuming since the dough had to rise three different times,  then,  making the various creams, syrups and glazes.  But it was all worth it in the end.

When the family came for dinner last week to try Dorie’s shrimp tacos, I thought this was a perfect time to make this dessert, (lots of taste testers)  and although we stuffed ourselves with the tacos, we found room for dessert.    So delicious.fullsizeoutput_10fa

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