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Chocolate terrine with ginger crème anglaise

I was skeptical about the uncooked eggs in this recipe,  but after reading other recipes,  it seemed to be the norm for this type of dessert.

After I whipped the egg whites and blended them into the chocolate,  it looked like a recipe for mousse, so thick and creamy.

Then there’s  that part about lining a pan with plastic wrap without wrinkles, that not an easy thing to do.   When I was ready to unfold the dessert I  used  a warm knife to smooth out the chocolate, and that seemed to do the trick.



Unfortunately, when it came to preparing the crème anglaise, it went down hill from there.  I curdled the eggs,  ending  with ginger flavored scrambled eggs.  What a mess.   I strained it, but it had not thickened at all.  I decided not to try that again as I did not have too many eggs left.    I used cool whip instead, always good to keep in the freezer for emergencies,  and it worked perfectly.

It was a scrumptious  tasting dessert,  way too rich for me,  but delicious all the same. I managed to send the rest home with Tricia for their opinion, and they all loved it.



Mashed potatoes:

I also did a makeup recipe for the mashed potatoes that was a suggestion  to go with the braised guinea hen that we made last time.  Really quite easy and very delish.fullsizeoutput_fac

Mushroom-Bacon Galette.

Dorie was absolutely correct when she said even first-timers can make a perfect galette dough.   This recipe came together so easily and when  rolled  out between two pieces of parchment paper, it was perfect.  I chilled it for a few hours while I prepared  the filling.

Using white mushrooms, and instead of leeks, I used  a large Vidalia onion that I had on hand.

After cooking the bacon and draining it,  I added oil to the pan and cooked the vegetables.    The white wine and cream were added to finish the cooking process, and I removed it from the heat.   I  added  the bacon, walnuts,  parmesan cheese, with the thyme to the mix.    It looked so good and the aroma was delightful.

After adding the mixture onto the dough and folding the edges, I was pretty pleased with the results.  I usually have a bit of difficulty when it comes to working with pastry dough, but, as I said earlier, this dough was a snap to work with.

I had to add a few minutes to the baking time to give it a little more browning and after taking it from the oven I sprinkled the additional cheese on top.

Now that I know how easy it is to make  galette dough, I’m looking forward to making a few more with fresh fruit for the summer.


Braised guinea hen with figs

I knew going into this recipe that I would be using a chicken instead of a guinea hen having checked out the availability.  Surprisingly,  even Wegmen’s didn’t carry them.

Next up, I’m not a lover of figs.   That said, I did purchase a bag of dried figs for the recipe, but did not make the  honey-baked figs.  I will make that up, along with the mashed potatoes when I have a taste tester available.

Trying to brown a 4 lb chicken, the smallest I could find, was a little tricky.  However, I neither dropped it trying to turn it, nor did I burn myself in the process.  I call that success.

After browning the bird, I cooked all the vegetables, added the wine and the chicken stock and let it cook.  Because it was chicken rather than the guinea hen,  I was prepared to cook it for about 1 hour, and that was perfect timing for the size.

After removing the chicken from the pan and straining  the vegetables, I  returned  the liquid to the pan to reduce.   I sliced  the chicken  into serving size pieces, (sort of) and added them to the sauce with the figs to coat them and warm them.

This recipe was really tasty,  and preparing it with the vegetables this way, makes for a delicious meal.  I’m sure it would be perfect over the mashed potatoes.