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Parisian gnocchi

The very first time that I tasted this recipe was at David’s cooking demonstration and book signing at the DeGustibus cooking school,  located in the famous Macy’s 34th Street location  in Manhattan, New York.

Tricia and I made the trip into New York with plans to meet two other Doristas, Cher, of (crazyworldofcher)  and Kathy,  of (Bakeawaywithme).

We met for a quick cup of coffee  before the demo,  so naturally we had to take a photo.


Unfortunately, Kathy is no longer with us,  having passed away in 2017.  Kathy was so much fun, and such a wonderful cook, baker,  blogger and photographer.   I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to get to know her after meeting her at the IFBC in Seattle, along with many of our group.


We had such a fun time,  lot of laughs, and the food was spectacular.  I forget how many different courses were served but they all came with a different wine tasting,   but the Parisian gnocchi was definitely a big hit.

This is a photo of David as  he prepared many of the various courses,  each served with wine, of course.  What’s not to like….


In the end, we had a book signing and photo op with David and lots of fun.

I made this recipe about four different times since then and each time I have perfected my technique. (In other words, I’m getting better at making these little dollops of deliciousness.)

This is my version of David’s Parisian Gnocchi.

So delicious.




Warm chocolate cake with caramel sauce


We planned on celebrating Mother’s Day at my house so I decided to make the cakes for dessert.

David suggests using 4 oz. molds for this, but I only  had 4 ramekins,  each 7 oz.  that I buttered and dusted with cocoa.  On Saturday I prepared the cakes and refrigerated the batter for twenty-four hours.

On Sunday I made the Salted butter caramel sauce.   Sometimes when looking at a new recipe or technique, you often think it’s not going to work, but with David’s instructions the sauce came together perfectly.

After dinner I baked the cakes, adding a few minutes to the baking time to make up for the  size.  I let them cool for about 5 minutes and then turned them out for photos.   I were so pleased with the results, especially when the center of soft gooey chocolate came flowing out.


Add to this delightful recipe some of the salted butter caramel sauce and you know we

enjoyed  a wonderful dessert.

Green-as-spring soup

Tricia and I  worked together on this week’s recipe,  Green-as-spring soup,   from “Everyday Dorie”  because it was entirely too much soup for one person.

The combination of leeks, asparagus and zucchini was perfect,  especially when shallots and garlic are involved.  We used vegetable broth and added in the basil sprigs.

Since the soup was portioned out,   we each served it in different ways.

The first night I enjoyed mine as a warm dish, but I did not add the optional basil-lime cream.  I found it to be very tasty and  thought that maybe some garlicky croutons would go well in it.  Unfortunately, I did not have any.

A few days later I served it cold with the basil-lime cream and found it just as delicious, however,  I enjoyed the warm soup more.

Preparing all the vegetables is a bit time consuming,  especially cutting up the leeks, and peeling the asparagus, but the cooking time goes so quickly and the aroma is delightful.

With summer coming  this is a wonderful recipe to use for all the vegetables that will be popping up soon.   Dorie does have some delicious soup recipes in her new book, and I look  forward to trying them all.



Green olive, basil, and almond tapenade

In “My Paris Kitchen”,  David has a total of three recipes for tapenade, each one is delicious and quite easy to prepare.

Although I only prepared half of the recipe,  it was more than enough to snack on for a few days.

The combination of green olives, basil and almond is a little different but it did work well together.  Unfortunately when I chopped the almonds I think I over did it as they were not as crunchy as he suggests, but the flavor was still there.

Delicious, and perfect with chips or crusty baguette slices and a lovely glass of wine.