Salmon Burgers.

Absolutely delicious.    I knew the minute I saw the recipe in Dorie’s new book, “Everyday Dorie” that I would love it.   All the ingredients are things that I like, and it is such a nice change from my usual salmon recipes.

I chopped the salmon and added it to the rest of the ingredients, covered it with plastic and let it rest in the refrigerator until dinner time.

Making the burgers were a little tricky because the mix was very soft, but I managed to form four patties.  I fried them carefully so they would not break, using two spatulas to turn them.

Topping them with sliced tomatoes and onion, I served them with broccoli on the side.

My Grandson came by for a visit and I asked him if he would like to try them and he enjoyed the two that were leftover from dinner.  He raved about them, so I guess we can call this a winner.


12 thoughts on “Salmon Burgers.

  1. look delish! love how easy it is to put the recipe together. Though I had to purchase a few of the ingredients at the store since we didn’t have any of the ingredients – the joys of setting up a household again after moving across the country!


  2. These were amazing ! I am so glad that Chase got to taste test yours (since they were even better than mine, as usual lol ! And your photo is fabulous.


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