Pork and chard sausage

Unfortunately for me, this week’s  recipe turned into such a disaster.

I was really looking forward to making it because every ingredient in it is something that I truly enjoy.

To start with, I think I went a bit too far with my food processor when I mixed all the ingredients because you would never know that there was any chard in there.  Secondly, I could not get it to hold together at all.  I had hoped that when it was cooked it would tighten up, but no such luck.

On top of that,  I only had thick sliced bacon and it did not completely cook and crisp up.  After taking my photos I cooked the bacon in the microwave to finish it and then added it back on to the sausage when I was eating it.

fullsizeoutput_e1fIt reminded me of chopped chicken livers, something I have always enjoyed, however, the flavors in this were too intense for me.

I’m not sure where I went wrong, but I know that this is a recipe I will not repeat, and was really disappointed.fullsizeoutput_e37

4 thoughts on “Pork and chard sausage

  1. Oh boy, this is a shame, isn’t it? I think the issue is twofold: 1 – not sure the pork needed to be cooked twice (in pan and oven) because ours was so dry and 2. Not even sure you needed to food process the ingredients because it did make for an odd texture. I love all the ingredients too but think it might be better to just cook the chard, then mix the ingredients kind of like meatloaf (!?) and cook in the oven… Hmmm….


  2. I agree that they were very rich. I thought it was partly because I’ve not been eating a lot of meat, but perhaps they simply are that way. I didn’t brown the pork, but I think I still over processed it as it was fairly smooth. That said, it held together okay. They certainly were delicious and tender, though, for us. My kiddo quickly ate hers up!


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