Spiced speculoos flan

When I see the word speculoos it always makes me think of Paris, sitting at an outdoor café  having a café crème and people watching.

I never really paid much attention to the little package of cookies that came with the café crème except that they were good and usually hit the spot after sightseeing. It wasn’t until we started working on “Around My French Table”  by Dorie Greenspan that I realized what they were all about.  I remember one of the recipes Tricia and I had worked on together, she came up with a few of these delicious cookies that she actually saved and brought back from France and we used them as a prop.

As for speculoos butter, that is a new item to me, similar to peanut butter but with a gingersnap taste, really quite good.

For the caramel I used cinnamon instead of the Chinese five spice.  I have had the five spice for years and finally threw it out because I only used it once.  Perfect timing if ever.

As for the custard, it was really easy to prepare in the blender mixing the milk, speculoos butter, eggs and a pinch of salt.

I baked the ramekins in a water bath for 35 minutes and they came out perfectly set. After chilling them for a few hours I removed them from the ramekin and plated them for serving.

A delicious dessert that would be a welcome addition to any dinner.


7 thoughts on “Spiced speculoos flan

  1. Great looking dessert you have there, Ro! Lovely post too. I like your ‘great timing’ bit! Happens to me as well. I have never make a flan before, so we shall see what I make of this recipe! I am travelling now, should be making it next couple of day when i get home.


  2. Looks great, Ro! And SO typical with throwing something out right before needing it. I swear. I actually used pumpkin pie spice (I saw it at the store and figured “fine, I’ll do it this time”) as I thought the kiddo might like it a bit more without the star anise and with a different ratio of ingredients. Man, that cookie butter sure is tasty, huh?


  3. I loved the stories. I remember when I couldn’t find speculoo cookies or butter. Glad that those days have moved on but still am not a fan of the butter. Of course I wasn’t a fan of Nutella until we put it on toasted brioche with orange marmalade either. Changed my mind. Look forward to making this when I return next week. Yours looks perfect.


  4. I liked these too. I couldn’t find my 5-spice powder. I must have thrown it out because it had been at least a decade since I last used it. I had some 8-spice powder which seemed to work OK.


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