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Pork and chard sausage

Unfortunately for me, this week’s  recipe turned into such a disaster.

I was really looking forward to making it because every ingredient in it is something that I truly enjoy.

To start with, I think I went a bit too far with my food processor when I mixed all the ingredients because you would never know that there was any chard in there.  Secondly, I could not get it to hold together at all.  I had hoped that when it was cooked it would tighten up, but no such luck.

On top of that,  I only had thick sliced bacon and it did not completely cook and crisp up.  After taking my photos I cooked the bacon in the microwave to finish it and then added it back on to the sausage when I was eating it.

fullsizeoutput_e1fIt reminded me of chopped chicken livers, something I have always enjoyed, however, the flavors in this were too intense for me.

I’m not sure where I went wrong, but I know that this is a recipe I will not repeat, and was really disappointed.fullsizeoutput_e37

Spiced speculoos flan

When I see the word speculoos it always makes me think of Paris, sitting at an outdoor café  having a café crème and people watching.

I never really paid much attention to the little package of cookies that came with the café crème except that they were good and usually hit the spot after sightseeing. It wasn’t until we started working on “Around My French Table”  by Dorie Greenspan that I realized what they were all about.  I remember one of the recipes Tricia and I had worked on together, she came up with a few of these delicious cookies that she actually saved and brought back from France and we used them as a prop.

As for speculoos butter, that is a new item to me, similar to peanut butter but with a gingersnap taste, really quite good.

For the caramel I used cinnamon instead of the Chinese five spice.  I have had the five spice for years and finally threw it out because I only used it once.  Perfect timing if ever.

As for the custard, it was really easy to prepare in the blender mixing the milk, speculoos butter, eggs and a pinch of salt.

I baked the ramekins in a water bath for 35 minutes and they came out perfectly set. After chilling them for a few hours I removed them from the ramekin and plated them for serving.

A delicious dessert that would be a welcome addition to any dinner.


Potato Tourte

Potato tourte is a perfect recipe for the meatless days of this Lenten season accompanied by a mixed green salad.

I  have a mandolin for slicing,  but that gadget scares me,  so I sliced the potatoes by hand.  The only person that ever used it was Jim, and personally I hated cleaning all those sharp parts to it.

Using a combination of scallions, chopped parsley and lemon zest strips, the potatoes are layered with the mix, plus thinly sliced garlic and dabbed with butter.

I tried my best to make the crust look perfect, but I didn’t do too good a job rolling the excess dough into the tart. However, it all works out as most pies and tarts do after it has been  baked.


I baked the tourte for 45 minutes and then tested the potatoes.  Since they were tender to the touch, I added the warm cream and then baked it for another 30 minutes.



It looked pretty impressive coming out of the oven,  nicely browned and quite delicious.