Tangerine-Champagne Sorbet

This is the perfect recipe for the New Year of 2019.

I’m  off to a good start, not only did I substitute Clementine for Tangerine, I actually purchased a bottle of juice rather than go thru squeezing a lot of fruit.img_2770

Also, I did not use an ice-cream maker.  I mixed up all the ingredients and put that in the freezer and every two hours or so I would take it out and give it a good stir.

The combination is very tasty and the end result is so refreshing.

Since we were having champagne to celebrate the New Year, along with our traditional cooked lentils,  I was lucky enough to save some for this recipe.

Happy New Year to everyone.



7 thoughts on “Tangerine-Champagne Sorbet

  1. I thought this sorbet was delicious and am making it again this coming week as a light dessert to go with Dorie’s Chowder. Like you, I found juice, Tangerine Juice, at Trader Joe’s. This was the easiest blog recipe choice I have ever made. Your photo is beautiful. I have been communicating with Tricia about their London trip. She’s given me all kinds of tips. Melissa is a big time Tea drinker so we are doing the Mad Hatter Tea Party. Also visiting Twining’s. Missy is the researcher-from-hell so she’s finding all kinds of off-the-normal-tourist-must-see things to do. She’s been to London once before so has seen the iconic sites. We are having such a good time putting together an itinerary. I hope the trip rises to our expectations from all our planning. (I have no doubt it will.)


  2. Ro, HNY2019!!
    Love that last picture of your end product, so pretty. I am so using boxed juice the next time! I used something other than champagne, but it has 4% alcohol, and skipped the sugar

    Made mine, but need to write up the post, soon.


  3. I thought this was easy, but with bottled juice, it’s even simpler. The juicing was the only step that took time. So delicious! I love your presentation. We both wish you a Happy New Year, Ro!


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