Comté and ham wafers

fullsizeoutput_d77The first time I saw this recipe I knew I would like it and I wasn’t  disappointed.

I used a sharp cheddar  instead of the comté as that was on hand, and as delicious as it turned out,  it was a strong flavor.   I think the comté is a more mild cheese and would be the best choice for this recipe.

I am sorry I didn’t  use my box grater to cut up the cheese, but David suggests a chef’s knife.  I found that to be a bit difficult to make the pieces tiny enough, and when everything was mixed together I had trouble rolling it into a log.  That said, after an hour or so in the fridge it did slice easily and I was able to patch the parts that crumbled.

The baking times were a bit off, but perhaps that could be my oven.  I actually baked them for a total of 14 minutes after  rotating them in the oven.

This is a delicious recipe, and would go very well with a glass of wine or drink of your choice.

David mentions that these are really good fresh from the oven and he is definitely correct on that score because when I tasted them the next day they weren’t as crisp.   I am going to try to freeze them and then reheat and see how they turn out.



5 thoughts on “Comté and ham wafers

  1. These were so good! I grated my cheese on the box grater and then chopped with the chef’s knife. So fiddly… Reading this after all this time reminds me I should make these again. I really liked them.


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