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Bûche De Noël

This was a recipe that took a lot of planning.  I wanted it to be so perfect and I kept going over and over it hoping to get it straight.

I decided to make the little mushrooms the first day since they could be held at room temperature for a few days.   I actually had to make two separate batches since the first ones looked a little pathetic to me.  I found it to be a messy job using a plastic baggie so the second batch I did by hand.  Not great, but at least they were round.

The second day I worked on the Genoise and that wasn’t too difficult.  I  rolled it without a problem and was pleased that it did not crack.

As for the filling, I thought it was delicious.  I didn’t  use the orange peel because I don’t like fruit cooked that way.  Besides, with the chocolate in there, that’s enough for me.

After filling the cake I rolled it again in the plastic wrap and put it into the refrigerator overnight so I could finish the decorating the next day.

I think I cut the branches incorrectly because they did not look exactly as David had in the book, but when they were covered up it didn’t seem to matter at all.

The chocolate icing was very easy to prepare and went on the cake smoothly.

All in all I am pleased with the results, and most importantly, I’m  glad we are finished with that recipe.IMG_2747

Roasted Squash Hummus

This month’s selection from EVERYDAY DORIE is for toasted squash hummus that can be prepared with either Acorn or Butternut squash.

Even though it has the usual tahini, it also has the addition of za’atar, and pomegranate molasses.

It can be served with fresh vegetables or pita, but Dorie likes to spread some yogurt on the plate or bowl and pile the hummus on top with a drizzle of oil and additional pomegranate seeds.

I roasted the butternut squash in the oven and under the broiler for some additional browning, and then after cooling I scraped the flesh and mashed it very fine before adding all the rest of the ingredients.

I have never used pomegranate molasses before so I had no idea what it would do to this recipe.  I thought perhaps it would turn red or something, but it just made it sweet.

Since I was expecting something like the chickpea style hummus I was a bit disappointed with the flavor. however, everyone has different tastes.fullsizeoutput_d7c

Comté and ham wafers

fullsizeoutput_d77The first time I saw this recipe I knew I would like it and I wasn’t  disappointed.

I used a sharp cheddar  instead of the comté as that was on hand, and as delicious as it turned out,  it was a strong flavor.   I think the comté is a more mild cheese and would be the best choice for this recipe.

I am sorry I didn’t  use my box grater to cut up the cheese, but David suggests a chef’s knife.  I found that to be a bit difficult to make the pieces tiny enough, and when everything was mixed together I had trouble rolling it into a log.  That said, after an hour or so in the fridge it did slice easily and I was able to patch the parts that crumbled.

The baking times were a bit off, but perhaps that could be my oven.  I actually baked them for a total of 14 minutes after  rotating them in the oven.

This is a delicious recipe, and would go very well with a glass of wine or drink of your choice.

David mentions that these are really good fresh from the oven and he is definitely correct on that score because when I tasted them the next day they weren’t as crisp.   I am going to try to freeze them and then reheat and see how they turn out.