Tabbouleh is a recipe that I am not familiar with and that’s  the fun  thing about cooking with a group such as ours.  When we come across recipes that we know nothing about, or if it had not been chosen for us in the schedule, we would have definitely passed it by.

That is the case with tabbouleh, this week’s recipe for the extra edition.

Not saying I particularly enjoyed the recipe, but I did learn all about bulgar wheat, and also, that  I definitely do not like parsley as a salad and I was glad that I had cut the recipe using only  1/4 of all the ingredients.   Maybe if I had used pita or flat bread to go along with this it might have tasted differently.  However, that said, I just topped a few chips to show the results.

I made the recipe for the experience and I must admit, it looked pretty.

At least Tricia enjoyed it, so it was not a complete waste of time and ingredients



7 thoughts on “Tabbouleh

  1. First off, I had heard of Tabbouleh but, like you, don’t think I have ever made it. At least I know I never made a salad that was totally herbs. I only made 1/3 to 1/2 portion and that was enough to feed all the neighbors in the block! (I didn’t.) Still, I made it and really went out on a Limb for my Tabbouleh Bowl. Do you make falafels, Ro? I ate my first one last year at L’as du Fallafel in the Marais near where I lived. If I’m going to “do” fried food, make it a falafel. Tricia is like me – if it’s food, I like it.


  2. I have to say: I started off putting some herbs in my salad, add a little more and varieties of herbs overtime to now — enjoying a plate full of herbs and much less of anything else. Serving the tabbouleh with a hearty protein seems to be the way to go.


  3. Surprised that you and Mary did not enjoyed this as much as the rest of us who made it. Quaint, our taste buds! Great idea with the chips!


  4. I liked this, herby as it was. But it would have been better with some other middle-eastern snacks. I think I might even have liked the squash hummus better if I’d served it alongside the taboulleh. Mary has me craving falafels now.


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