Butternut squash bread soup

This was an amazing recipe with such  wonderful  ingredients.

I prepared half the recipe and that was more than enough for two meals for two people. I  served it with a  mixed green salad that was a perfect accompaniment.fullsizeoutput_d04IMG_2480

The onions cooked with the garlic and herbs in the stock gave it such a delightful flavor.  I layered  the squash and the bread, adding the onion mix with the stock and topping it with Fontina cheese.

Since I had prepared Mardi’s bread recipe from her new book ” in the French kitchen with kids” the day before, I decided to use the second loaf in this recipe.   I know David suggests sourdough bread, but since it is a hearty type bread it worked beautifully, and was so delicious.

The final addition of  the Fontina  and Parmesan cheeses spread on top made this all come together.

An absolutely delightful meal for a cold winter dinner.

5 thoughts on “Butternut squash bread soup

  1. Oh, what a great idea to use Mardi’s bread!! I found this absolutely delicious as well and the leftovers were also quite good (I, again, was worried about texture) from our 1/2 recipe. I wish it didn’t take so much work or I’d make this again!


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