Bay leaf pound cake with orange glaze

I steeped the three bay leaves that were called for in the melted butter for an hour before adding it to the flour but I don’t think they gave out much of a flavor.   David mentions using unsprayed bay leaves but I have know idea what that means.  I used dried leaves and hoped they were okay.

The rest of the leaves were layered on the bottom of the pan before adding the batter, and surprisingly stayed in one place and looked very nice when baked,  although I had to remind people they were there before eating.

As for the orange glaze, it was delicious.  Instead of using Grand Marnier or Cointreau, I used  orange extract  instead.  It worked well and brought out the flavor of the orange zest even more.   A very enjoyable dessert, and I will be making it again,  it is certainly a quick and easy cake to whip up anytime.fullsizeoutput_ce8fullsizeoutput_cf3fullsizeoutput_cef


8 thoughts on “Bay leaf pound cake with orange glaze

    1. Continue…
      intake hence not baking much these days. Will remember dried Bay leaves worked, and orange extract too! Lovely cake with the lovely thick glaze!


  1. Gorgeous, Ro! I totally agree with you about the whole bay leaf flavor thing. I think the non-sprayed is that some may be sprayed with pesticides? So he doesn’t want you soaking the pesticides into the butter. That’s what I assume, at least. I agree that this sure was tasty, though, even without the fussy bay leaf issue.


  2. I should have used fresh bay leaves, I guess, because I didn’t notice much flavour, either. The pattern of leaves looks pretty, but it’s hidden in the end, so I’m a bit confused by the purpose. That said, this is a delicious cake.


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