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Tabbouleh is a recipe that I am not familiar with and that’s  the fun  thing about cooking with a group such as ours.  When we come across recipes that we know nothing about, or if it had not been chosen for us in the schedule, we would have definitely passed it by.

That is the case with tabbouleh, this week’s recipe for the extra edition.

Not saying I particularly enjoyed the recipe, but I did learn all about bulgar wheat, and also, that  I definitely do not like parsley as a salad and I was glad that I had cut the recipe using only  1/4 of all the ingredients.   Maybe if I had used pita or flat bread to go along with this it might have tasted differently.  However, that said, I just topped a few chips to show the results.

I made the recipe for the experience and I must admit, it looked pretty.

At least Tricia enjoyed it, so it was not a complete waste of time and ingredients



Maple Syrup & Mustard Brussels Sprouts



An absolutely delightful new flavor for an old standby.  In this recipe Dorie adds the lovely mix of maple syrup and mustard to finish off these delicious  Brussels sprouts.

I’ve  been cooking sprouts with sautéed onions and bacon for many years and it has always been a favorite in our house but I think this new recipe may be taking its place on the Thanksgiving table this year.

I decided to cut the recipe in half since I was cooking for only one this time,  just the perfect amount so that I will not be eating it for days.

I steamed a half pound of sprouts with the slivered garlic and shallot, and then cooked them in the bacon and oil to get that  nice browned coloring.  Actually, I think the color on mine might be a little too well done.   Adding the mustard and maple  syrup mixture really brought everything together.  Topped off with the chopped bacon pieces, it was perfect.

Butternut squash bread soup

This was an amazing recipe with such  wonderful  ingredients.

I prepared half the recipe and that was more than enough for two meals for two people. I  served it with a  mixed green salad that was a perfect accompaniment.fullsizeoutput_d04IMG_2480

The onions cooked with the garlic and herbs in the stock gave it such a delightful flavor.  I layered  the squash and the bread, adding the onion mix with the stock and topping it with Fontina cheese.

Since I had prepared Mardi’s bread recipe from her new book ” in the French kitchen with kids” the day before, I decided to use the second loaf in this recipe.   I know David suggests sourdough bread, but since it is a hearty type bread it worked beautifully, and was so delicious.

The final addition of  the Fontina  and Parmesan cheeses spread on top made this all come together.

An absolutely delightful meal for a cold winter dinner.

Bay leaf pound cake with orange glaze

I steeped the three bay leaves that were called for in the melted butter for an hour before adding it to the flour but I don’t think they gave out much of a flavor.   David mentions using unsprayed bay leaves but I have know idea what that means.  I used dried leaves and hoped they were okay.

The rest of the leaves were layered on the bottom of the pan before adding the batter, and surprisingly stayed in one place and looked very nice when baked,  although I had to remind people they were there before eating.

As for the orange glaze, it was delicious.  Instead of using Grand Marnier or Cointreau, I used  orange extract  instead.  It worked well and brought out the flavor of the orange zest even more.   A very enjoyable dessert, and I will be making it again,  it is certainly a quick and easy cake to whip up anytime.fullsizeoutput_ce8fullsizeoutput_cf3fullsizeoutput_cef