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These little almond cakes made with browned butter are really easy to make, and quite a tasty little snack.


When I realized I did not have enough almond flour I remembered I had a supply of whole almonds  in the freezer and decided to make my own flour.  After a little bit of research  I found an easy recipe of just blanching the nuts and letting them dry thoroughly.   I then  ground the almonds in the cuisinart for a short time and the flour  came out perfect.  It wasn’t as fine as the flour that you purchase but it certainly worked well.

Browning the butter was not as difficult as I thought it would be,  but you do have to watch it carefully so as not to burn it.  As David suggests, it should look like maple syrup.

I mixed the ingredients together and  let it rest in the refrigerator for about two hours and then baked the little cakes for 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

The cakes came out a little too brown,  but I’m not sure it didn’t have something to do with my flour, or perhaps the oven temperature was too hot,  but they were delicious.

As you can see, the texture was still soft on the inside and very easy to enjoy.fullsizeoutput_166a

Garlic Aioli with accompaniments

How could something so simple turn out so wrong.  I have made mayonnaise many times before but I’m not sure what happened this time.  I used my cuisinart to do this, but it just would not thicken at all.   Rather than waste any additional olive oil, I decided to use regular mayonnaise and just added garlic.  It certainly was not the same as the real aioli, but for a photo op it filled the bill.

I  enjoyed the vegetables being cooked for a minute rather than raw, I think they had more flavor  and  were tastier.

Instead of string beans I used small pieces of cauliflower along with the mini potatoes,  carrots, tomato and hard cooked eggs.  A good variety  and it would have been perfect with a real garlic aioli.

I’m sure this would be a lovely appetizer  with a glass of wine, and maybe I will revisit this again sometime.fullsizeoutput_162a