Kirsch babas with pineapple

Before I started working on the recipe I checked out a few photos to see what this should really look like.fullsizeoutput_1623

I only had a small cupcake pan,  a Canelés pan, and a popover pan.  When I saw that they came in all sizes and shapes, I decided to go with the popover pan hoping it would look festive.

I found the recipe to be time consuming,  but then again, maybe it’s me.   There is a lot of wait time, proofing the yeast mixture, and then letting the dough rise at two different times.  However, that said, I was quite happy with the results.IMG_2312

When I was researching to see how they should  look, I noticed one of the recipes said to bake it at 400 degrees, so I compromised and baked them at 375.  I think that is why they came out so brown.

Preparing the syrup was certainly easy, and drenching them was fun.  Messy, but fun.

When it came to the pineapple I will admit I cheated and used canned pineapple chunks and prepared the rest of the recipe as called for.   Unfortunately, there is no whipped cream to go with this, but it is delicious as is,  as far as I am concerned.  Also. I used rum instead of the Kirsch.

6 thoughts on “Kirsch babas with pineapple

  1. The popover look is delicious! I made mine in bouchon mold. They turned out quite similar to yours, in looks. Drenching the little ones are easy, necessary, but messy. I didn’t think I like the kirsch taste as much as I did.


  2. I find your Hirsch Babas quite delightful looking. Whoops, I meant, Kirsch Babas, my mistake! I remember when we made popovers, Ro. I love popovers but could definitely use the pan for babas also. Good idea. Nice effort this week and very pretty.


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