Duck Fat cookies

fullsizeoutput_156d Who would have thought that a cookie made with duck fat could be so good.

If it had not been for Dorie and French Friday’s,  I don’t think I would have ever tried to cook any part of a duck, or use duck fat as an ingredient.

However, I found that it  gives everything such a wonderful flavor.

We’ve made potatoes cooked in duck fat that were so delicious,  duck confit,  and of course, the wonderful cassoulet  and now these delicious cookies.

Last night I had some leftover uncooked chicken cutlet that I cut up into small pieces and fried  in duck fat.  I could not believe how good that chicken tasted, and I thought bacon drippings were fabulous.

The texture of this  cookie  reminds me of the French sable.

Tricia came over  a short time later and I offered her one with out telling her what  was in the cookie  and the look on her face was amazing.

This will be definitely be added to my list of favorite cookies.


8 thoughts on “Duck Fat cookies

  1. I picked up some duck fat today and am looking forward to making these tomorrow. Yours look fabulous and I’m glad they were a hit! Enjoy your road trip with Tricia!


  2. Hi Nana!! Isn’t that a fun surprise!! Your cookies look delicious. Love the way they were displayed too!!! This reminded me a little of Dorie’s Cocktail cookies, so I may play around a bit when it’s a little cooler!

    Looks like you’ve been having a fun summer!! Road Trip!!

    So happy you liked these. And I’m with you, more potatoes soon!!


  3. Based on all the pictures Tricia is posting it sounds like you are having such a lovely time up North!
    I enjoyed these cookies and duck fat does do amazing things for so many foods!


  4. I really wanted to try these! I’ve been unwell so the thought of duck fat not high on my list right now, but will definitely give them a go. I’ve only used duck fat on potatoes as well 🙂
    They look great!


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