Baba ganoush

Hummus made with eggplant.   That’s exactly what it looked and tasted like.  Although, as Tricia mentioned, it was a lot smoother than when using chickpeas.

After I roasted and peeled the eggplant, I had my doubts at this point that  it was not too appealing.    Fortunately,  once I  added the rest of the ingredients it became quite interesting.  That’s when I  decided to call this  eggplant hummus.  Actually, the only difference is the vegetable used to prepare it.

I let it rest in the fridge overnight and when I served it on the 4th it was a perfect dip that I served with chips.

We were all quite surprised that it was that delicious,  all the flavors having blended together perfectly.fullsizeoutput_15c0

8 thoughts on “Baba ganoush

  1. Glad you and your family enjoyed. My eaters were not as enchanted!
    Eggplant hummus seems like a very fitting description.


  2. I like this too, and that plate of chips with that bowl of eggplant hummus is just perfect! I just gave the balance of my jar to a friend who should enjoy it too.


  3. I felt the same way. It was delicious. I also popped it into the fridge for the night and ate it the next day. Shared it with friends and they also liked it. Although the recipe sounded complicated, I didn’t find it so. Your family had to love it. I suspect they’ve always liked everything that “Nana” makes for them.


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