Buckwheat madeleines

I know we have made madeleines before when cooking through “Around My French Table”,  but I was a bit apprehensive about making the browned butter for this recipe, however,  it turned out to be easy.  The most important thing is to watch it carefully towards the end.

The rest of the recipe is simple.

After whisking  all the ingredients together, I stirred in the egg whites and honey.  As I was adding the first third of the browned butter to the mix,  there seemed to be so much liquid, but it all blended well and the batter was easy to work with.

fullsizeoutput_14beSince I was using a silicone pan, (a souvenir from the Auchon Supermarché in Blois, France), I decided it would be better to use a cookie sheet for stability.    However, I really should have preheated the cookie sheet too,  as  I had to add some additional baking time.

They are a bit burnt, especially the first batch, but delicious just the same.


7 thoughts on “Buckwheat madeleines

  1. I didn’t know how these would turn out. Somehow I never made Dorie’s madeleines in FFWD. These were delicious and I hope to do more with buckwheat flour this summer. Yours are prettier than mine, however. I thought they were fun to make.


  2. They don’t look burnt at all and they turned out beautifully! I decided to only do one round of baking, so I baked twelve madeleines in my tin and put the rest of the batter in a mini-loaf pan. They all turned out well (even though I over-filled a couple of my madeleine molds). I’ve started browning butter in a non-stick pan. I have to keep a close eye on it, but it seems to brown more quickly and evenly that way.


  3. I agree with Teresa. Yours don’t look burnt. They are actually the lightest ones in the group, I think. I can believe that you got 30 out of one batch. I overfilled and still had more batter than I could use. I love how elegant madeleines are, for no more effort than cookies or something that looks less impressive.


  4. They look great, Ro, and not at all burnt! I will say that mine seemed to be burnt, too, when I cooked them what seemed long enough. Not having those visual cues was really difficult with this recipe! And I love your madeleine pan! Gorgeous!


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