Beet hummus

David’s  hummus recipe made with beets turned out to be a big surprise.  Not only is it a healthy recipe, but it looks so colorful and tastes delicious.

I’m not sure if roasting your own beets would give this a darker color, but since I used canned beets, mine came out really pink.

This is the second hummus recipe that we have prepared from “My Paris Kitchen” and I will admit that even though I enjoyed the plain hummus recipe more, this is equally tasty, and perfect for serving with cut up vegetables, or crackers.

I like to keep canned chick peas and tahini on hand because this is a recipe that you can whip up in no time at all whether you make it plain or with beets.





8 thoughts on “Beet hummus

  1. I roasted a big tray of beets and used some for this and it does make it a deeper colour – almost fuschia! I enjoyed this, but I’d rather have it as one option on a party table than as the hummus on hand at home.


  2. Based on everyone’s pictures, i’m thinking the roasted beets result in a deeper color. This was so pretty, but I think I like regular hummus better, especially David’s recipe.


  3. You are a better sport than I am to go along with this vivid pink color for hummus. I understand that it is delicious but it just doesn’t seem right! Bright pink. Hummus. Hmmmm


  4. Looks great Nana! Mine was equally pink and I ran it a little long in the blender so it was fairly smooth in consistency. Probably worth another try, and fresh beats might add to the flavor.


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