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I have no idea why this recipe was so difficult for me.

When I first made the pastry cream I simply could not get it silky smooth.   When I mixed the eggs with the cornstarch and sugar, it did not blend too easily.  I added the warm milk and had to strain the mixture.

I checked out a few recipes on line and most said to stir the cornstarch and sugar together and then add the eggs.  So the next day I decided to do a remake and it turned out perfect.

The eclair pastry is easy, we have made this many times before for both David and Dorie.  My problem was the lack of pastry bag tips that were the right size.   I decided to use a resealable plastic bag which worked okay, but I could not get a decent size eclair. I did end up with 10 eclairs, but they did not rise as I thought they would, and I was very disappointed.

Day 2, I thought I would try again after checking out Dori’s eclair recipe.  She used the same oven temperature but her baking time was a bit shorter,  and leaving the door open with a wooden spoon for a few minutes to brown and crisp up, ended with the same results.

I salvaged about 6 eclairs pastries that I thought were worth using, and continued to fill them and make the glaze.

The eclairs are not exactly pretty, but they were delicious.fullsizeoutput_14b0


Beet hummus

David’s  hummus recipe made with beets turned out to be a big surprise.  Not only is it a healthy recipe, but it looks so colorful and tastes delicious.

I’m not sure if roasting your own beets would give this a darker color, but since I used canned beets, mine came out really pink.

This is the second hummus recipe that we have prepared from “My Paris Kitchen” and I will admit that even though I enjoyed the plain hummus recipe more, this is equally tasty, and perfect for serving with cut up vegetables, or crackers.

I like to keep canned chick peas and tahini on hand because this is a recipe that you can whip up in no time at all whether you make it plain or with beets.