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Carrot cake

Carrot cake is one of my favorite’s  and even though it is usually  filled with raisins, I will always order it when we are eating out.   I am the world’s best raisin “picker outer”.

Many years ago, around 1975,  Jim and I traveled to London for the very first time.  My biggest desire was to have tea and scones.   When all the delicious scones and clotted cream arrived at  our table,  I took one look and realized the scones had raisins in them, lots of raisins.  That was when I decided to learn how to disassemble scones.

When I saw David’s recipe for carrot cake sans raisins, I knew it would be a winner.IMG_1554

I started grating the carrots by hand with a box grater, got interrupted by a phone call, and while talking on the phone remembered I had a grating disk for my cuisinart.   All I had to do now was find it.   Such a time saver.IMG_1557

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up I knew I would have a few taste testers so I decided to make this cake ahead of time.  Of course, the black olive tapenade, our recipe for that week, was perfect.   Everything went well,  especially when added to our usual wings, chips and dip, and deviled eggs. As usual, way too much food.IMG_1544

The carrot cake is a sure winner but I only prepared half a cake and even that was too much.fullsizeoutput_1488



Black olive tapenade

With Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, this was a great selection for our CTBF group.

It was so simple and easy to make,  goes well  with just about any chip/cracker, or even cut up veggies.

I chose a combination of Niçoise olives and canned black olives.  Both of these were pitted making the whole job so much easier.

I did find it to be a bit salty, but delicious all the same.   I rinsed the capers as David suggests, but I think possibly it was the anchovies that added the additional salt.

Maybe after the ingredients blend for another day, the flavors will be less salty.

Unfortunately, I am having problems transferring my photos from my camera to the I-mac and I cannot bring them up to post.

That said, this was one delicious tapenade and a recipe I will keep.