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Cassoulet + Potatoes cooked in Duck Fat

The recipe for a cassoulet always fascinated me.  According to Wikipedia, the original recipe comes from the Lanquedoc region of France, mainly Toulouse, and Carcassonne. I picture in my mind these lovely French farms having all the ingredients on hand  to prepare this delicious recipe.IMG_1527

That said, acquiring the ingredients for this recipe doesn’t exactly live up to that farm scenario, but  trying to locate an unsmoked pork hock in this day and age is no small feat.  I finally settled for the smoked version which actually had a great deal of flavor to add to the dish.

The reason I found this time-consuming was that I had to prepare the Duck Confit. Using David’s recipe for Counterfeit duck confit as you know takes two days to complete.  Had I thought about it, I should have done this originally when I purchased all the duck legs.

David does not mention rendering the pancetta, but I just could not put all that uncooked fat into this dish, even though it will cook forever.IMG_1530

Most of the Cassoulet recipes that I came across take up to two days to complete, so when he suggested reheating the following day, I went with that version.  I did think it was too dry when I served it to the family,   because I had tasted it the night before and enjoyed  it so much more.

The dish, whether dry or not, was so delicious, but considering the ingredients that went into it, how could it fail.IMG_1533

I am also adding the make up recipe for Potatoes cooked in duck fat.

I don’t have to tell you all how delicious these were after reading all your blogs.  Each and everyone of them  turned out fantastic.  I loved the recipe, served it with an omelet and salad, and Tricia is going nuts until I make for her.IMG_1518