Buckwheat polenta with braised greens, sausage, and poached eggs

Before we started cooking through “My Paris Kitchen”  I had only tasted buckwheat once before.  So far we have made three different recipes using some form of it and we still have to make the buckwheat madeleines.  At least we will be prepared.

This was the first time that I made polenta from scratch.   Normally, I always bought the polenta rolled in a package, sliced it and fried it.  But the homemade is so much easier and tastes so much fresher.

As for the greens, I used escarole, a red onion, and the only herbed sausage  I could find was chicken with spinach and fennel.  (Which, incidentally was very good).  Rather than using the sun-dried tomatoes, I went with sliced green olives.


Before topping the dish with the poached egg,  I sprinkled some feta cheese on it.

This was an interesting recipe and I will make it again but next time I would like to try  David’s suggestion using the sliced mushrooms.

5 thoughts on “Buckwheat polenta with braised greens, sausage, and poached eggs

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. It’s always fun to experiment with new ingredients, isn’t it? I didn’t love the polenta, but I’m going to try some other recipes with the buckwheat.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


  2. I am definitely going to make some version of this. I like polenta also but never make it myself. I’m behind – just finished making the celery root soup which I thought was delicious. I think you’re dish is photogenic also. I hope to call you over the holidays, probably while Ms. Tricia and your favorite son-in-law are abroad.


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