Indian cheese bread

Naan au Fromage was the selected recipe for this week’s “cookthebookfridays”.

A simple recipe put together in no time at all.  David mentions it is very forgiving even for a novice, and believe me, he was right.

The dough consists  of flour, baking powder,  yeast,  clarified butter, yogurt, a pinch of sugar and a bit of salt.  It came together beautifully and was easy to work with.

I prepared six naan pieces using plain Laughing Cow cheese in the center, folded the four sides and then rolled them out flat to approximately a 6 inch square.IMG_1222

They all really puffed up in the hot skillet and looked weird, but once removed from the skillet and brushed with the clarified butter they were very tasty.

For my first time at making these little breads I was quite pleased.IMG_1223

6 thoughts on “Indian cheese bread

  1. You should be quite pleased. These look delicious but certainly don’t seem easy to bake. Will trust your word, however. I haven’t gotten to them yet but now am really looking forward to making this recipe. Nice job.


  2. These were so good and yours look just gorgeous. I can tell I’m hungry because I’m kind of thinking about making them again for lunch today. 🙂 I have made naan before, in a cooking class I took in India, and it’s definitely a celebration type of bread (they make chapati for everyday). This seemed easier than I remember, though.


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