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Individual chocolate cakes with dulce de leche and fleur de sel

A simple dessert that is so  easy to make.  With the exception of the dulce de leche, the rest of the ingredients are  always on hand in the pantry.

I prepared the  dulce de leche the day before using a can of condensed milk, letting it simmer for about three hours in hot water.

I only made half a recipe since there aren’t too many taste testers around lately, and as delicious as this dessert is, I can take about two spoonfuls of chocolate at a time.


The combination of the sweet caramel flavor and the touch a sea salt mixed with the chocolate is such a delightful flavor.

I love the way it turned out,  a warm individual dessert that can be enjoyed plain  or perhaps add a bit of cream or a dollop of ice cream on the side.IMG_1259


Indian cheese bread

Naan au Fromage was the selected recipe for this week’s “cookthebookfridays”.

A simple recipe put together in no time at all.  David mentions it is very forgiving even for a novice, and believe me, he was right.

The dough consists  of flour, baking powder,  yeast,  clarified butter, yogurt, a pinch of sugar and a bit of salt.  It came together beautifully and was easy to work with.

I prepared six naan pieces using plain Laughing Cow cheese in the center, folded the four sides and then rolled them out flat to approximately a 6 inch square.IMG_1222

They all really puffed up in the hot skillet and looked weird, but once removed from the skillet and brushed with the clarified butter they were very tasty.

For my first time at making these little breads I was quite pleased.IMG_1223