Buttermilk ice cream with olive oil and fleur de sel

When this recipe was first posted as this month’s selection, my thought was,  how am I going to make this without an ice-cream maker?

However, I was determined to give it a try,  so I checked out a few hints on the web and tried putting some of them together.

I remember my own mother making ice-cream from condensed milk when I was a child. She would put the milk in her empty ice cube trays and freeze it a bit,  take it out, and mix it.  She would then refreeze.   I was so surprised to see that condensed milk is still being used today,  perhaps not exactly the way she did, but she was certainly ahead of the times.

I followed David’s instructions all the way to blending in the buttermilk, and then I poured it  into the stainless steel bowl of my cake mixer so that I could freeze it.  After two hours I removed the ice-cream and using the whisk attachment on the machine I basically churned it.  I did this two more times and then transferred it to a plastic container to freeze thoroughly.

I was really pleased with the results,  real ice-cream.

On Saturday Tricia and her family were here for dinner  so I asked them if they would like to try it.

We first tasted it with the olive oil and flour de sel.   It  was interesting,  but  not something I would normally order.

We then tried it with some chocolate sauce and also a raspberry sauce.  I think the raspberry sauce won out on this one.


6 thoughts on “Buttermilk ice cream with olive oil and fleur de sel

  1. You are ingenious and determined but I knew that! Wasn’t this ice cream delicious. I put some Maldon salt flakes on the top but since I was serving it with peach upside down cake, I didn’t go with the olive oil. It didn’t sound good to me. Remember when we made Olive Oil Ice Cream in FFWD. We have had some times, huh?

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  2. Way to go Nana!!! I loved this too! Yours looks great. I did not try the olive oil, though I think salt sounds good. Anything really!!! I bet it was fun having your taste testers try it!!!


  3. Ro! Thanks for sharing your method early with us.. I made mine using a hand held beater! So easy, and delicious too!

    Mary, I did not mind olive oil in it, but not so much over it! LOL


  4. What ingenuity! That’s cool to know you can make ice cream without a special machine. I wasn’t wild about this one (over a fruit tart), but I’m glad everyone else seems to be a fan.


  5. Clever! My mom is cooking along with us (even though she doesn’t have a blog) but thought she couldn’t make this one because she doesn’t have an ice cream maker. I will share with her your technique. I decided to not even try the olive oil on mine; it just didn’t sound good to me.


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