Caviar D’aubergines

IMG_1058This week’s recipe for Cookthebookfridays is Eggplant caviar.

Eggplant and zucchini are so plentiful right now,  and walking through any supermarket,  the bins are stacked with all these delicious fresh vegetables.

The eggplant caviar is so easy to prepare, and makes a lovely side dip that goes well with a summertime barbecue.

I do not have a grill or a gas stove, so I roasted the eggplant in the oven the same way that I do my roasted red peppers.  It was a little hard to tell if they were blackened or not, but they smelled like they were burning so I figured they were good to go.

I sliced them in half and put them back in the oven at 375 degrees, with oil and salt for 40 minutes.

After scraping out the pulp I added all the other ingredients and gave it a whirl in my cusinart.   Perfect!

So easy and so delicious.

3 thoughts on “Caviar D’aubergines

  1. Exactly what I did, Ro, since I have neither a grill or gas burners. One of the downsides of living at The Gant is no gas stoves and no grills – a burn-the-140 condos- down issue! I put my two eggplants under the broiler and by the time I turned them on all sides and they were charred, they were almost cooked inside. I loved this although it was a bit too garlicky but I can live with that.


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