Hummus + 2

This week’s recipe is a simple chickpea hummus.IMG_0886

Surprisingly, it  turned out better than expected.  It was so easy  to prepare since I used a can of chickpeas rather than cooking fresh.  After blending the tahini and lemon juice with the garlic and sea salt in the food processor, I added the chickpeas and whipped it into  a very smooth dip.  I did have to add additional cooking juice and lemon to thin it out, but it worked perfectly.

I am also adding the two selections  that I missed for the month of May,  both of which were delicious.

The Frisée salad was an absolute delight. The first time I ever tasted this type of salad was in a small restaurant just off the Rue Saint Honoré in Paris.  It is amazing to think that a poached egg and lardons could  add so much flavor to a simple salad.  We have also had the same salad with a topping of toasted goat cheese rounds instead of the egg, and both were winners.

I could not find frisée in the super market so I used  a spring mix instead.

The fresh croutons,  which my grandson thought were fantastic, were quite easy to prepare,  and I used the tiny little butter potatoes.IMG_0701

Since Tricia and I were trying a new shrimp recipe that night,  we  decided to use a hard boiled egg rather than trying to cook too many things on the stovetop at the last minute.

My second  recipe is the Multi grain bread.

Even though I had  only regular flour and instant yeast, I decided to go ahead with the recipe.IMG_0844The starter turned out well after leaving it overnight,  so I continued.

I realized that I did not have cornmeal to use on the bottom of the pan but used  plain flour instead.

Not pretty, but it worked.

The bread was amazing, and tasted wonderful.

10 thoughts on “Hummus + 2

  1. Welcome back, Ro! Miss ya lots! All three dishes are perfect! Good to know what you had on hand were perfect for the bread! Hugs and kisses!


  2. Welcome back, Ro. I’m so glad to see you, if only virtually. Your three recipes, as Katie says, look fantastic. In so many ways, nothing beats homemade. We can buy hummus at the store, order a Frisée salad in a restaurant and buy artisan bread but there is great satisfaction, I think, from making it ourselves. I would never have done any of this without CtBF’s.


  3. Welcome back! Everything you made looks wonderful and I’m glad to know that the bread works well with regular flour. I used canned chickpeas (since I was making it on the same day I posted about it) for my hummus and I’m tempted to use a hard-boiled egg when I make that salad, too.


  4. I’m a little late with comments. Catching up today. Your post reminds me how much I’m enjoying the recipes in My Paris Kitchen. All of the ones you made are favorites.


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