Croquets salés aux olives

David mentions how important it is to have a good bread knife in the kitchen, and especially for the recipe we are preparing this week.

A perfect opportunity to use my Poilâne bread knife from the famed Paris  boulangerie,IMG_0800a treat from Tricia on one of our trips.

However,  that didn’t work very well, and neither did the next three knives I tried.

The recipe was fine,  no real problems until it came to the slicing part.  I’m not sure if my slices  were a 1/4″ or not, but any thinner and they  would have been bread crumbs.IMG_0774

I placed the slices  on the sheet pans and finished baking the recipe.  When they were removed from the oven they were crisp and quite tasty.IMG_0794

Using dried thyme and Kalamata olives in the mix with the buttermilk, almonds, and whole wheat flour,  it was a  strange flavor combination but it worked well together.

We definitely enjoyed them, and they do go very well with a glass of wine.

David mentioned that if you used  an airtight container for storage, these should last about a week.  Sorry to say,  after one night they were so soggy and tasteless I did not like them.

We tried letting  them dry out by covering them with a kitchen towel,  but to no avail.  I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it was such a disappointment with the leftover crisps.

6 thoughts on “Croquets salés aux olives

  1. Surprisingly my knife was my best kitchen buddy, a Hammer Stahl, and I was able to cut slices pretty well. I do think I probably didn’t slice them as thinly as you did. Yes, my crisps were very tasty and perfect on Day 1. The next day they were just as you described. I actually put them in the toaster. They were okay but not worth the calories. Tossed them out. Yours do look quite pretty.


  2. Love that knife! I can imagine being excited to use it and then irritated that it didn’t work as well as I thought. My little serrated knife did okay, but I had a couple olives on the edges not do well. What a bummer about the leftovers. You know, I had my husband bring ours to his work so I never did find out if they were crisp the next day. Hmmm….I bet they weren’t. Turns out, he ate them all himself, so they must not have been too bad. HA!


  3. I love your French knife! These were tough to cut. Did you cool the loaf first? I did not and would the next time I make these. I wasn’t sure whether that made a difference. Miraculously (based on everyone else’s experience), mine stayed crisp. I did leave mine in the oven overnight.


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