Coq au vin

I am so happy that David Lebovitz changed this recipe using  cocoa instead of chicken blood.

img_0653 After marinating the chicken for a few hours I turned the  pieces over and they looked so gross and purple from the wine I could not imagine what the end result would be. I have never prepared Coq au vin before and I didn’t know what to expect.

Rather than using a whole chicken I used four chicken thighs that were in the freezer. I knew they would be tasty because they were not skinless or boneless. I used a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Chateau Ste Michelle winery.  I’m not sure if this is considered fruity, but it certainly worked here.

After browning,  things started to look interesting.  I was fortunate to have some delicious smoked bacon from the Wallingford Locker in Wallingford, Vermont that Tricia brought home.  It was sliced thick and made  delicious lardons.img_0657I came across some petite mushrooms, something I had not seen before. They were perfect for this recipe as I did not even cut them in half. I could not find any pearl onions so I just eliminated that part.

After adding the chocolate slurry, which I thought thickened it a bit, it all came together beautifully.  I served the Coq au vin with mashed potatoes and a green salad.  Jim was a happy camper, he just kept raving about the delicious chicken.

This is a great dish to prepare ahead of time because we thought it tasted even better the second time around.



9 thoughts on “Coq au vin

  1. Love those petite mushrooms you used. What a lovely meal you have there! I used shallots as per Mardi, and they worked just fine, delicious too! My wine sauce thicken up a fair bit after the cocoa slurry! This was delicious!


  2. This was very flavourful. I will use the shallots next time I cannot find pearl onions I went to 3 different shops this time around. I still have some leftovers in the fridge, should be even better by now.


  3. I think we all might have skipped this if the recipe actually called for blood. This was delicious, wasn’t it? We liked it the first, second, third, time around (actually we had it for 4 meals).


  4. Oooh, looks nice! It sure was tasty, even if that initial view of the raw purple chicken was…surprising. I love the petite mushrooms–makes things easy, too. I just used some frozen pearl onions and threw them in the pan with the vinegar as he said to. Easier than having to peel my own, etc. Looks great, Ro!


  5. I have made a Cog au Vin recipe before but cannot remember the chicken being “purple” after the marinade. (I eliminated the photo I took. Did you also?) But, after 36 hours of being marinated and looking gross, I just followed David’s directions and came up with a delicious dish. I froze half of it and when I re-heat it in the crock pot in the next few weeks, I will make mashed potatoes. The perfect accompaniment, I think. Another winner, huh? Glad Jim loved it. What’s not to love.


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