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Salt cod fritters with tartar sauce

This recipe is going into my file for our  Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve.

The original recipe of Salt cod and potato puree, (Brandade de Morue) was good in itself, but to freeze the leftovers to save for this recipe, was such a great idea.

img_0618I did not make the tartar sauce that David called for because I had some left from the holiday, but I did prepare the recipe for  his fritter batter.

I had no idea that a batter could be so simple and taste so much better than the beer batter in the supermarket.

I actually fried this in the frypan instead of deep frying since  Mardi said it worked well.  I’m not big on deep frying except for the holiday.

I have additional Brandade de Morue which I am going to make on Saturday when I will be hosting a dinner to celebrate Tricia’s birthday. Hopefully a few more taste testers will give there opinions on this delicious treat.img_0643


Fresh herb omelet

I always thought the French people just undercooked their omelets,  I didn’t  know there was a word  for it.  Baveuse, which means drooling.

I remember traveling from Belgium (where we were ill from something we had eaten) into France  and stopped for breakfast on the highway.

We ordered omelets thinking that was a pretty safe thing to eat, but when the plate was  put in front of us, we decided maybe that wasn’t such a great choice.  Just a bit too drooling for me.

Eventually we came to enjoy the way eggs were prepared in France and an omelet with  a side of frites is always a winner for lunch anytime, especially with a little wine and a baguette.

Since it was New Year’s Eve and we planned to be munching on goodies all night, I decided to make this wonderful omelet for dinner.  It was perfect served with a green salad on the side.

Using four eggs for the two of us, I added  fresh parsley and thyme.   The addition of the cream really made a difference  as I do not normally add milk when cooking eggs.img_0631 The small amount of Gruyere cheese was perfect.

img_0634I do have to perfect my technique for making omelets, but I will say this was one of the best that I have tasted.img_0636