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Baked Eggs with Kale and Salmon

One of the more enjoyable things I remember from our trips to Paris over the years was having lunch in the local bistrot.  There were many choices on the menu but for some reason we loved having eggs.  It was served with a side of frites, a small basket of baguette slices and an individual pichette of wine.  So delicious and  always topped  off with an espresso.

David mentions having eggs for lunch with a glass of wine and this week’s recipe of baked eggs with kale and salmon would be a fantastic choice, it is absolutely delightful.

Since I had ham slices and spinach on hand, I decided to use that instead of kale and smoked salmon.


When it came to the egg,  I have to admit I chickened out and gave it a light fry up. I remember the disaster I had with the egg when we made the buckwheat crepes.

After placing  the spinach and ham in the gratin dish, I topped it with the egg adding the cheese and toasted bread crumbs.  Naturally I did not bake it too long since the egg was partially cooked.


This was so good I was sorry that I minimized the recipe and only made  one gratin dish for us to sample.  Jim raved about it and wanted to know when I would make it again. Next time I will be making it with the kale and smoked salmon and I’m sure that combination will be as delicious as the spinach.


Butternut Squash Crumble

Butternut squash is not something that I normally purchased unless there was a recipe involved for one of the cooking blogs that I have worked on.

The first time that I purchased it was for a recipe in Around My French Table and I was amazed at how delicious it was. We actually made three different recipes from Dorie’s book using that vegetable.

David’s recipe is simple to make and it is a welcome side dish perfect for any Thanksgiving table.

I browned the cut up squash in butter and oil with shallots and a sprinkle of thyme, and then added the chicken stock.  I personally thought it looked pretty good as is, but I did continue to finish the recipe.

dscn5674dscn5684Making the crumble was also an easy task and looked so perfect on the finished dish.

Since we were having a dinner to celebrate our anniversary this was perfect and all the taste testers enjoyed it.

Tricia brought some gorgeous pastries from a lovely French Patisserie in Philadelphia called Miel.  Absolutely deliciously scrumptious.dscn5688dscn5689