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Sardine Spread

Rillettes is a rustic potted meat delicacy, usually made from Pork.  It can be made from

other types of meat as well,  plus poultry, or even fish.

This week we are using David Lebovitz’ version of rillettes de sardine.

In his recipe he  uses a softened cream cheese and butter mix,  blended with mashed

sardines.  A little bit of lemon or lime juice is added , as well as a pinch

of cayenne.

The recipe called for scallions but since I did not have any on hand,  I

substituted chopped onion instead.

A tablespoon of capers,  rinsed and chopped, was added to the mixture

and really enhanced the flavors.

The recipe is so easy to prepare, and very delicious.  A perfect appetizer with

crackers or toasts, or even used as a hor d’oeuvres  along with wine or perhaps

a nice martini.



Gazpacho with herbed goat cheese toasts

This week’s recipe from “My Paris Kitchen” was a perfect selection for the end of summer.  Jim and I stopped by the local farm stand to purchase some corn and I picked up everything needed for this wonderful recipe.

After I blanched the tomatoes and started to squeeze out the juices, I realized the pulp would not go through the strainer easily. I decided to put all the tomatoes into the food processor  and then strain them.  That worked perfectly.   I added the soaked bread slices and then blended it all together.

After chopping all the veggies I thought it was a bit much, but Hubby said follow the recipe, and so I did.  I hope he loves Gazpacho cause we have a “huge” amount. and I am not fond of raw veggies.

Chilling the gazpacho for a few hours gives the ingredients a chance to blend and enhance all the flavors.

I prepared the herbed goat cheese toasts by placing them in a 350 degree oven after brushing the baguette slices with oil until they turned a nice golden color and then rubbing them with fresh garlic.  Unfortunately I did not have fresh herbs but a few drops of olive oil and some fresh garlic made it quite tasty.

This is an interesting recipe and I enjoyed making it from scratch as the saying goes.



Spiced meatballs with Sriracha sauce

David calls these little meatballs “boulettes” and serves them with a dipping sauce, which is exactly the way I served mine.

As I was preparing the meat with all the spices I honestly did not believe it would stay together.  When I make my Italian meatballs they are filled with cheese, egg, breadcrumbs, and I always add some water.  These boulettes had none of that, but surprisingly they did not fall apart when I fried them.

I served them with the Sriracha mayonnaise which was very simple to prepare and quite delicious.

The next time that  I make these I would love to use them in a pita sandwich or a baguette topped with the Sriracha mayonnaise, I’m certain it would be delicious.

This week I was very fortunate to have an additional taste tester.  Tricia’s youngest son stopped by to say  goodbye before heading back to Boston University for his Junior year.  Both he and his grandfather declared these little boulettes a winner, so I will be putting this recipe in my collection.DSCN5625