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Cherry tomato crostini with homemade herbed goat cheese

Tricia’s garden had a bumper crop of delicious fruits and vegetables for a few weeks now and she has been sharing them with us.

My freezer is full with zucchini pie and zucchini bread that I am sure will be absolutely wonderful  in October or November.

Beautiful large blackberries that Jim has been enjoying with his morning breakfast.

Cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini and gorgeous cherry tomatoes, perfect for this week’s selected recipe  from David Lebovitz’ cookbook “My Paris Kitchen”.DSCN5588

After roasting the tomatoes  in the oven for 45 minutes, when I removed them the aroma in the kitchen was delightful.

I drained the yogurt overnight and then added the herbs to it the next day.  When I read the recipe, I missed the part about the goat milk and  purchased regular yogurt. The result was a creamy cheese spread just a bit softer, but much more tastier  than the garlic/herb spread made by Alouette.

DSCN5601Since I didn’t need any additional bread I purchased two ciabata rolls and trimmed them to make two bread slices. It worked out well, and when they were toasted in the oven, came out a lovely golden brown.DSCN5618

We enjoyed these crostini for lunch, very delicious,  something that I will make again before this summer season is over.


Apricot crumble tart + 1

Using a springform pan to prepare a tart is a new one for me and I was surprised how wonderful it turned out.

When I was finished cutting up all the apricots I was positive I had too much  fruit for the filling but I ended up using it all.  It was a bit high, but I was expecting the fruit to melt down.


The tart crust was simple to prepare, and easy to work with.  I have used David’s recipe many times and have always had good luck with it.

The crumble topping with the almonds, brown sugar and the cinnamon was a delightful combination.


The one thing I liked about the tart, it wasn’t sweet. The topping  had enough sweetness to offset the tartness of the apricots.

This is a delicious recipe, one to be repeated, and I think it would be perfect using other fruits for the filling.



Croque Monsieur is a favorite of mine and I looked forward to seeing it as a selection.  Unfortunately, when this was chosen back in April, I was busy having open heart surgery.  I remember a note from Mary Hirsch telling me this was not a good time to try this recipe.  She was absolutely right, as I was put on a salt free diet.   After finally preparing this 4 months later I did find it a bit too rich for me,  but so delicious.




Whenever Tricia and I traveled to Paris, after we had our first Café Crème, we would go in search of a Croque Monsieur for lunch. Every bistro has their own version and I haven’t found one yet that was a disappointment.