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Buckwheat crepes w/ham, cheese and egg

This week’s recipe for buckwheat crepes turned out to be a complete disaster.

I prepared the crepes the day before, they were not perfect.  Since I have not

used buckwheat flour before, I wasn’t sure of the coloring.  I know they didn’t

turn out as brown as David’s photo.

I used two slices of ham,  1/2 half cup of emmenthal cheese and then the egg.

After reading Katie’s  suggestion,  I made a well in the cheese to center the egg.DSCN5546

Unfortunately,  the egg did not cook at all.

The cheese melted fine, but everything else was  starting to burn.

I’m not sure where I went wrong on this recipe, but it certainly wasn’t very appetizing.

Actually, it was not edible.

I didn’t even attempt to make another portion and I don’t think I would try this




Raw vegetable slaw w/creamy garlic dressing

If you like coleslaw you will love this raw vegetable version from David Lebovitz’s

“My Paris Kitchen”.

There are a variety of vegetables to choose from in his recipe, plus two variations

of dressing.

I selected Belgian endive, radish, apple, celery and carrot sticks.DSCN5516

I don’t normally buy cut up veggies but I couldn’t resist this package at Wegman’s.DSCN5510

I love carrots in my salad and don’t often take the time to slice and

dice.  This makes life so much easier.

I made the creamy dressing with mayo, mustard, red wine vinegar and garlic.


We loved the salad, it is a lovely change and perfect for summer.




I’ve added another make up that I did earlier this year.

Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the instructions for using a

DSCN5328springform pan.  But the combination of ham, blue cheese and pear

is so delicious I don’t think it matters what pan you use.

I will definitely be making this one again.

A new addition to my coffee mug collection thanks to Tricia.DSCN5528