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Chicken lady chicken + a make-up recipe

Whenever we traveled to Europe one of the first things we looked for were the

outdoor markets.

It was fun looking for food items for a picnic or for munching  in our room.

Almost all the larger markets have the trucks with rotisserie chicken and

always had crowds around them.  The chickens looked so delicious but

not something  that we could purchase and have in the rental car while we were

Scan 27sightseeing.  This photo was taken in Brugge, Belgium.


I could not find a 3 lb. chicken  but ended up with a 5+lb. that did not fit in my pan.

I  spatchcocked the bird as per instructions, and then used  half.

The ingredients  for the marinade were interesting.  Olive oil, lemon

juice, soy sauce, honey, mustard, and harissa which I was able to find at


Unfortunately when I was browning the skin side I think I went a little too

DSCN5482far.  Blackened chicken was the result.  Thank goodness Jim loves his

chicken crispy.

The end result was a tender, juicy chicken that was so delicious.

As a matter of fact,  Jim said he would love to see me make this  again.


We recently celebrated Jim’s 85th birthday with a dinner at home.  Since

DSCN5471Tricia and her family were with us, I decided to add to the dessert table a

make up recipe.

I prepared David’s Salted butter caramel-chocolate mousse.  All of the

taste testers enjoyed it.  I served it with cannoli chips on the side.




After two months of being confined to the house, not being able to drive or do my own shopping,  I am happy to be cooking  with the group again.

This week’s recipe was easy, and a perfect way to start.

Most of the ingredients in the fattoush are exactly what I would use for salad with

DSCN5456DSCN5459the exception of the toasted pita bread.

Instead of the sumac, I had researched to find a substitute and found that the  zest

of a lemon could be used with a little salt or perhaps black pepper mixed in.

The salad dressing with the fresh lemon juice  was delicious,

something I do not normally use.

This salad was quite refreshing, especially with the hot weather we are having, and

I still have a  portion of the fattoush  that I will  use in a pita for lunch.