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Belgian beef stew with beer and spice bread


This week’s recipe combination of Belgian beef stew and spice bread

was a perfect choice.

The spice bread alone was absolutely delightful.

I prepared the Pain d’épices about two days ahead of the stew because

David suggests waiting a day before slicing into it.

The aroma in my kitchen was fantastic and we couldn’t wait for it to cool.DSCN5398

I finally used up  the last of the  Manuka honey from our trip to Seattle and I’m going to miss it, it was so good.



I thought at first the flavors were too strong (I added too much of the clove spice)

but the next day it really came together and was even more delicious.



Because the gravy was so thick and rich, I decided to make

homemade spaetzle to serve with it.

We both enjoyed this recipe and I will be making it again.





Dukkah-roasted cauliflower

Normally  when I prepare cauliflower I use one of two methods.

I usually like to add a little bit of Olive oil,  red pepper flakes and garlic to the

cooked vegetable, sort of like a stir fry, or I will dust the vegetable with bread

crumbs and fry it.

This week’s recipe was different and because  I didn’t think we

would care for the spice mixture,  I only prepared half of the recipe.

After  toasting and blending all the various spices, the aroma in the kitchen

was interesting.DSCN5419

I sliced the cauliflower and coated it with oil and baked it for 25 minutes.

Once I added the dukkah  and finished roasting it, it looked


We really enjoyed the flavors and  the vegetable was cooked perfectly.